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    Musical garden

    The idea for a Musical Garden emerged a few years ago with the aim of familiarising and bringing music and its language closer to children of early ages in a progressive, dynamic and fun way.

    Our vision has seen the Music Garden reach children with a stimulating, engaging and playful approach to music—with students from ages one to six—introducing them to music in the context of exploring their own musical capabilities.

    Parents who, themselves, were sensitised to the benefits of music at an early age will appreciate being able to accompany their children in the development and growth of their own musical education in a setting oriented to children's natural love of music, play and exploration.

    Specific Objectives

    Child students are guided to:

    • Develop their auditory and rhythmic sense
    • Learn to discriminate different sounds from different sound sources
    • Develop awareness of their rhythmic body sense
    • Discover the different parameters of sound, through the manipulation of musical instruments
    • Engage in motivating activities like games, stories and experimentation
    • Develop motor coordination and creative imagination
    • Familiarisation with the musical language

    In the Musical Garden we strive to offer our students a creative space, a moment to deepen and enjoy music and its language in a pleasant, close and familiar way. We allow each child the opportunity to experience feelings that will make them a more capable, sensitive, cultured and balanced being—in short, helping the child develop as a future happier adult.


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